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All of the items you see here are made using mid-19th century tools and methods. No tools invented after 1860 are used. No modern treatments, sealants or stains are applied. There is no attempt made to make these things look "old".
What I am producing is, to the best of my knowledge, the same product used by most of pre-Civil War America. The only way that these wares will acquire a "used" look is if they are used. Wood will darken and hoops will slowly rust......Welcome to 19th century life.

Link to Tools Online article by Michael Springer

A keeler is a shallow tub, used to cool liquids, such as milk.


Basic bucket in white pine.

Buckets are endlessly useful in 19th century life. In a world without running water, they are essential. A Civil War laundress impression is not complete without a pair of buckets and a yoke to carry them.
(9" diam. bottom x 12" high) ~ $50.00 

These washtubs are made from white pine, with iron hoops. Height is measured from bottom to rim, not including the "proud stave" handles.
Small~ (16" diam. bottom x 12" high)
Large ~ (19" diam. bottom x 12" high)


A piggin is a small bucket-shaped dipper with a long handle. Very useful for dipping soft soap, hot water, or what-have-you. Made of white pine with iron hoops.

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