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Norm on Film!
From the series "How Things Are Made",
by Vine Street Works:

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Watch Norm make a bucket... in the educational documentary by Gregor Scheer and Betsy Way.
Scenery! Filmed at the workshop in beautiful Historic Richmond Town.
Drama! Bargaining for a bucket.
Excitement! Working with sharp tools.
Find out what happens to the apprentice.
Music, too! Hear "The Cooper of Richmondtown" played by Norm & Bob Conroy.

With Roy Underhill on "The Woodwright's Shop"
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The Woodwright's Shop
Episode # 2404
Very enjoyable (and sometimes comical) episode, in which Norm explains and demonstrates his coopering for a TV audience. Should be available from

The Cooper's Workshop 
 Historic Richmond Town * 441 Clarke Ave * Staten Island NY 10306