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Who is he?

On this page Professor Haughwout will describe his background and philosophy.

Prof. Haughwout's Mission

He looked upon an ignorant, gullible, suffering humanity, and saw a chance to make a difference...and maybe some money as well...

Prof. Haughwout's  History

Simon P. Haughwout was born in 1803 in New -York City.

He was educated at the University of Heidleberg... in Vienna.
He is a professor of Phrenology, but his gifts and talents range far beyond any one branch of Science.

He is a field representative for the well-known firm of Fowler & Wells of Broadway, New-York City.


But seriously, folks...

The character of "Professor Haughwout" was created by Norman Pederson. Norm is a member of a group of living history performers known as the Société de Europe. His portrayal of "Professor Haughwout" has graced Civil War re-enactments and living history events on the East Coast of the USA for several years now.

The Professor  is fictional, although there really were folks like him doing business in America in the 19th century. Today we would call them "Quacks", and maybe a few even less flattering names. 

The professor does not really sell any of his "inventions" to the public, but enjoys giving demonstrations and talks about the state of this type of scientific knowledge in the mid-nineteenth century. Many of the "inventions" he demonstrates really did exist, and may be found advertised in the pages of Harpers Weekly and Frank Leslie's, two New York newspapers of the time.

The Professor recommends:

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