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Where is he?

"They seek him here, they seek him there..."
~ The Scarlet Pimpernel
Forging ever onward in advancing the cause of Science, the professor travels here and there constantly. Sometimes he visits our brave soldiers, bringing nostrums and inventions to make their lives easier. Other times, he is to be found wherever enquiring minds are gathered, doing Phrenology readings and expounding on the virtues of Laughing gas. As General Grant has found, the Professor is somewhat slipp...er...elusive in his movements.  Or as the Professor himself prefers to say in his modest way, "I am unpredictable. I go where the need is greatest."

"Well, Sir...Permit me to consult with my estimable colleague...."
Dr.  Baldric
is portrayed by Mr. Richard Silocka of Connecticut,
a fellow member of Société de Europe.

The Professor's Itinerary

July 8-9, 2006 (Saturday and Sunday)
Living History Days
at Belchertown, Mass.
Prof. Haughwout will be appearing together with his esteemed colleague, Dr. Baldric.
Together they will give a brief lecture on the latest discoveries of Science, to be followed by a practical demonstration of some of the wonders of our modern age.

The Professor recommends:

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