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"The Benefactor of Mankind"


"It's not magic, sir. It's...Science!"

Once again Professor Simon P. Haughwout raises the banner of  Science to it's rightful pre-eminence in our modern 19th Century world.
No wonder the Professor has been called The Benefactor of Mankind!
This partial listing of the inventions of this great man beareth witness to his genius:

Extract of Oblivion...
India Cholagogue...
Lightning rods...
Haughwout's Ambrosia for the Hair...
Water filters...
Mosquito-proof head cover...
Laughing gas...
Magnetic Powder...

and now...
                  The Ocularion!
           The Ocularion!
              The Ocularion!

Will wonders never cease?
Not if Professor Haughwout can help it.

Haughwout's Ocularion,
being tested on a brave volunteer.



Professor Haughwout (aka Norm Pederson) is a member of The Société de Europe.

The Professor recommends:

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